Tuesday 1 April 2014

alex malex designs

i recently got some lovely presents from a long time photographer friend of mine,who also designs jewelry and knitwear - aleksandra patova of AlexMalexDesigns.
 i wanted to do a post about them as they are really great and as I've been playing with the first batch of presents and have just received the second i thought i'd do a post about them and her lovely work.
for a long time i was looking for some good etched metal to use in my work - but nothing grabbed me enough apart from some very old bits of other things i'd found - the problem with those is that when they're gone ... well thats it.
then i saw that alex was making them and i pounced.
so these are the first batch she sent me that i have been having a lot of fun with, and will be posting some previews in another post of that fun

these came in the post today, i asked alex if she would make me some hamsa hands for me to use, and am thrilled with these - and while i was on the subject of hands, i grabbed the number hands from her shop.

and here is some more stuff from her shop

 and also some of her own jewelry using etched copper and brass

check out her shop HERE
and her BLOG
the lady's PHOTOGRAPHY 


  1. Alex is an artist who grabs your attention and doesn't let go.
    I love her distinctive vision and style.

  2. i've seen these before- they're sooooo cooool!!!! always meant to etch metal among so many other things...


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