Monday 28 November 2011

something else from the past

over at my friend gabi's the other day, i found this bag i'd made for her years ago, the design is a greek shepherds bag and i made quite a few of them, was thinking of making some more in the future - i love how this one has aged, although the leather was already vintage to a degree as it was from one of the last operational tanneries on the island - i got them to thin a stock of belt leather they had just before they converted the tannery into a warehouse, was also thinking of making these in a combination felt and leather variety.
its very difficult to photo leather - well ironically digital is just difficult for me and i take crappy photos with it. but i love that sunken bridal stitching if i say so myself. i think i deleted most of the tannery pictures off flickr when i stopped my paid account so heres a couple more

Sunday 27 November 2011

blast from the past

i was going through an old hard drive and came across some old digi shots of the studio when john and i were in full production. its an odd thing seeing that because time creates a distance from the finished pieces but a record of work in progress instantly takes you back - well me at least - in the same way that a notebook does.
one things for sure i'm still identifying with all the paraphernalia i keep collecting, though there are some pieces here i remember fondly.