Friday 22 June 2012

minutiae and tiny little shifts in vibration

ok so i got a thing about sewing at the moment and its giving me an eye for detail, i mean the detail in the title, the little shifts of vibration - these little anomalies that minutely change your direction [or stitch]  that you do not notice until you find yourself sailing north west when you thought you was sailing in to the rising sun. and a friend reminds me of a project, one of the many i want to do that fall by the wayside, and i wonder if somewhere there might not be a secret stash of time that i could discover and would i use it wisely besides. and that aside i wish a little confidence for this poor lost soul staring at nothing across the water. 
i hope you all passed a wonderful summer solstice - especially you kim up the near the north pole, its all downhill from here.

Monday 11 June 2012

finished gris gris and akela

they both are gris gris for me

also check out johns post on the wonderful and talented miss fox

Friday 8 June 2012

gris gris

i first came across this word from beatrice, who has told me several words like wabi swabi, thats another great one - yes i know there is wikipedia - but sometimes sounds without meaning is ok and then just asking someone is kinda cool too - i mean after all you can't have a conversation with wikipedia. anyway, i think gris gris is my favorite. and i've linked it for those ignoramuses like me.
so this is the beginning of gris gris, its a little sewn up cushion with various protective things inside, some lavender too, then its wrapped in old suitcase leather and sewn up with kangaroo lace, i finished it later in the day, but i didn't get a good pic of it, so will post that or maybe just list it complete, tomorrow morning.

on another note, i developed a film a week ago that i'd shot in sweden, in the old town at 7 am, because after that its too full of tourists to shoot anything but crowds, as i was walking around in blissful solitude, with just the odd local picking up their breakfast loaf, i came across these 2 window displays.

the second one despite being not as effective as the first, is worth taking a closer look at.

i also want to thank you for your comments, they are really very much appreciated, i just haven't got time to comment myself so much, or reply to them. 

Monday 4 June 2012

snatching moments

between thunder storms and production, been snatching reads of other blogs too, wanting to comment but severly restricting my internet time to manage everything else. walking dogs, fashion shoots, that was fun, learning how to scan colour negatives properly from my friend aleksandra patova, who has a great photoblog linked here
and coming to terms with a frightened part wolf in the house.
but i did enjoy making this

and shooting this