Tuesday 20 August 2013

wow time flies

I didn't realize that my last post was so long ago, seems like yesterday, everything gets so thin at this time of year. wedged between the heat and the blinding light, which can be beautiful if you just lay on a beach most days. but needless to say - I've broken a record and been for only 2 swims this year - that's getting mighty thin indeed, I might as well be a piece of paper on the pavement. 
kinda lost track of all the making too as things just come and go, very little continuity to be found in that. so my hands smell of saddle soap and the village has a wine festival tonight and the man who sells vegetables from his truck is playing 20's Greek ballads and no I'm not going to take pics of any of the above. 
the other day I ran my dog over, luckily at very slow speed coming into my drive, he was wedged under the car, seriously squashed screaming his head off and there was 3 of us screaming at each other because we couldn't get the jack out from under the spare tire which has some kind of criminally slow screw you have undo to get anything out. tragically farcical the whole scene, but luckily perry seems ok - though psychologically and physically bruised. he now waits for me from the safety of the terrace above.
so that was ....
anyway here's some randomly selected work and few images of any other kind from the last month.

late roman coin, bone cross I carved based on a 16/17C Macedonian bone cross and a tiny red beach stone, the leather is beautiful soft analine nappa, hand cut oiled and saddle soaped to give it the wear and there is some cloth wrapped and stitched around it - 

another variation of this with a Byzantine cross, with kyanite set in it and a Byzantine coin.

a scrap strap fastening idea I've been playing around with, which becomes a feature of the strap.

some more of these

as a friend said, I'd really like her to go upstairs....

samos beach stone and silver themes

half moon wrap strap

a scapular with beach glass

silver, glass, linen macramé and roman glass beads (which I've noticed have really taken off on etsy)

she was really hot, not the one hit by a car

had fun making these, vintage Moroccan glass beads amber and a beach pebble each

scrap metal and ottoman coins, speaking of which someone kindly stole a pair of very complex chandelier earrings I'd made with ottoman coins from an outside display of our shop. grrrrrr

the dude, Jason brings me stuff from the beach and he's my best source of bones for carving.

perry and me in a happier moment prior to my trying to kill him

and last but not least, meteorite, copper, ottoman coin and fossil bone. 
so the village has filled up with wine drinkers, I have to walk half a mile to get to my parked car and hope that it's not been blocked in by anyone. 
one last thing, I want to thank all of you who have commented on my blog especially at this time that I have been so very slack about getting around - it really is kind and supportive and means a lot to me. so big thanks to you. and once the summer is pulling out I will get around and about again, between longer walks with the pooches.