Saturday 13 April 2013

image saturation and an amazing walk

well i was going to add these a few at a time with some commentary and explanation but blogger yet again has decided to do what it wants and i'm too exhausted to fight it - but we really did have an amazing walk today - the weather is heaven and flowers abundant. got lots of things on the go and im having a free shipping sale on etsy for a week - after which i will have to put my shop on holiday for a while to sort out some things here and enjoy the spring.

caterpillar convoy

Thursday 4 April 2013

spring is defiantly here

though we are still plagued by totally mad south winds every few days - its been an intense winter of them - otherwise it smells fantastic

google is playing silly buggers again - just when i thought it was all dandy

had a lot of fun making this, it was an order, i was sent a 
morrocan amulet to make into something else - stupidly i didn't 
photograph it in its original state. essentially the leather comes 
from the original piece.

a lot of water this year

some soldering i have been playing with, silver copper and brass
with pebbles

alpaca and brass with amazonite (i think) still to add the hooks

alpaca and brass with sterling hooks and some lovely kyanite i
got from down under

the wild and scraggy mountain top

a pendant - fossilized bone from treasurehider - brass and leather

thank you all for your comments i really do appreciate them, at the moment i'm a bit of a reluctant blogger as i cant find the hours in the day for all the stuff i want to do and the little mishaps and boring stuff of functioning - cooking shopping etc that consume huge amounts of time.