Friday 19 July 2013

indefinitely silent

not really there are just too few moments to compose visual thoughts into legible code, being a hieroglyph sort of gal. the camera just does it all. 
besides this season has been a little stressful as they seem to have cut more than half the charters to the island and it feels so empty of the usual summer buzz. though I did manage to get to the new museum with a favorite aunt of mine. some wonderful things in there, most covetous of the tiny treasures. 
otherwise endless learning curves and explorations....

pay attention ladies

definite delusions of flight at this point - the road to a monestary

charms before the colour

and after....

flight of another kind to consider

my brothers birthday - he turned into an owl.... and flew :)

another version of this Byzantine cross

scapular - water and light - protection from before and after sea glass (very rare here) and yellow pebble.

brown and green - earth and life

green beach stone wrap strap

Saturday 6 July 2013

dogs play

fountains trickle

archeology dreams

boots sprout plants

things can be singular

or multiple


and amusing

charming even