Wednesday 19 February 2014

Coin pig me


  1. In this order, wonderful, and you have to imagine me scrolling down the page to get to your face. Would love to see these in a gallery. I'd like a large room with high ceilings and two X two meter images at least.

  2. In this fashion my colleague Wesley Virgin's autobiography starts in this shocking and controversial VIDEO.

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    You probably know how you only use 10% of your brain.

    Really, that's because most of your brainpower is UNCONSCIOUS.

    Perhaps this conversation has even taken place IN YOUR very own mind... as it did in my good friend Wesley Virgin's mind 7 years ago, while driving an unregistered, beat-up garbage bucket of a car without a license and with $3 on his bank card.

    "I'm absolutely fed up with going through life paycheck to paycheck! When will I get my big break?"

    You've taken part in those conversations, isn't it so?

    Your success story is going to happen. All you need is to believe in YOURSELF.

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