Thursday, 26 January 2012

work in progress, night table and joe cool

last night when i was about to crash and had turned off most of the lights, i was struck by the chaos on my table, but also how pretty that chaos looked in the darkness, so i got the trusty digi crapola out and took a shot or 2 at 1600 iso, which actually gives a kind of nice effect. also cos one of my lights is cold blue and the other is warm yellow so the 2 colours cross over.

i do occasionally sort it out - usually when i spend more time looking for things right under my nose than working, but as soon as i do the order usually paralyses me for a couple of days, steph can ya see ya hand charm up there?

ok then the is a rare moment of stillness by the dude, try catching a nervous young dog with a camera on a tripod.

though of course this is nothing as stunningly hilarious as the second image over on john's blog

and finally some work in progress that is proving very enjoyable, i used and old game piece from a game called 'dama', its not chess, probably something like checkers where all the pieces resemble pawns, well i used that upside down, put a ring in it with a bone bead steph gave me and enveloped it in the last bit of suitcase leather, i'll have to find myself another one. the round wood piece is going to be a cap, though iv got to work it out first, it will be attached to the thongs , so it just slides up, and there'll be things hanging off the ring. 

ok now i'm off for a scavenging walk with the dude and a friend, cos the rain seems to have stopped for 5 minutes. 


  1. Okay... first... may I reserve the work in progress? please, please, please... ;)

    Your table looks like mine... but my studio is also my living room... so not good for me... and great shots btw!

    And the puppy , love his eyes... good dog :)

  2. oh... got an old leather satchel I don't use... interested?

  3. It's an excellent mess. And I just "got" your blog title ... so now I like it even more. :-)