Friday, 20 January 2012

a new member of the family

a deeply suspicious dude - actually he's just insecure, but getting better every day, with a few drawbacks like chasing the chickens and thieving food in the kitchen, scared of cars and a number of otherthings. he was one of 250 dogs abandoned on the island from other parts of greece, a lot of expensive breeds also, as people are realising they cannot feed their animals and themselves. anyway there was something about his vibe that reminded me of a street dog i brought here from england many moons ago.
perry picasso - is the name - chicken chasing is the game


  1. He's gorgeous... so sad people aren't able to look after their dogs... sad times...

  2. Beautiful pup! My little dog, Cece, is terrified of vacuums, the fan above the oven, smoke alarms, and thunder. She races up the stairs, sometimes failing and bouncing back down, when the above are in action - reaching higher grounds or something.

  3. yea he is kinda cute in a neurotic way,
    thats interesting vera, he's got something about going upstairs too, think he feels safer up there, and they are difficult stairs for a dog