Saturday, 14 January 2012

travel pouch part 2

the foots, ready, i'm still making up my mind about whether it should be a chain or leather lace like the pouch, they hang together with the foot just a little shorter than the pouch. as to your thought steph i had tried it with felt, the pouch is extremely light and i actually like it with the kanga lace, that i've aged, i think the balance is right for this one.

there is the little roman bell bead, and detail of the strap beginning and a bit of the inside of the pouch, now i need to decide in the roll of vellum, what i actually want to put on it. recognise that thread steph? :)


  1. I did not mean a felted rope for the pouch... was just wondering if you ever tried making thick felt rope...
    I like the foot with the chain, would like to see the necklaces hanging together...
    And I hope that when they're in your shop they won't stay too long there... I do not want to be tempted... ;)

  2. o ok sorry, mmm well we tried that yesterday, and it kind of made a fold in the middle, but seeing as gabi was doing all the work, i thought it would be better to try again when my finger is a bit more active, wanted to make a thick one yes and have made a short one, but its more difficult when they are longer. i think then i'll go with the chain :) and i'll photo them hanging on my doll when i've done the vellum and its finished
    thanks steph :)