Friday, 13 January 2012

thoughts in progress part 1

i've been working, despite the inactive finger on a travelers pouch, with some more of the leather i salvaged from the old suitcase. and other leather too that i wanted to have dangling off it so that its tie-able protectable,  attachable - like you can attach other significant things if ya wish

that kind of sketch thing on the side is vellum, that i was given and its a kind of practice run, because i've never used it before but it was so nice to draw on i got carried away with a travel totem figure, kinda inspired by ethiopian kitabs. it will be, well which ever one i decide on or make, rolled up and bound in lambskin and put in the bag, maybe with something else i'm thinking about.

now the foot tama - another antique one, and obviously when you go traveling you use your foots, whether you travel in dreams or reality, so its there to protect them, is going to hang on a separate leather thong or maybe chain, though i need to do some work at the top of it for that to happen. 
theres a horse hair tassel i made meself, cos horses = travel, anyone whose read tschiffely's ride will know what i mean, amber, a roman bronze piece thats not visible in these shots but will be in part 2, i also stuck on another roman bronze ring where the tassel hangs so it can be interacted with in a very antiquated way.
well thats end of part 1


  1. Ya got to stop you know... I wish I could tell I hate that pouch... but no... I LOVE it... got some horse hair tassels too... maybe will add one to the hand protection pouch... if you don't mind... arrrrrrrrrrrrgh stop making good stuff... make something ugly for once, please, just for once ;) lol
    And that drawing : wowwwww! :)

  2. of course you should add to the hand protection pouch, thats the whole point of it :) also cos i know you make such lovely stuff - i figured thats what you would be doing anyway, got a bit of felting done, but the longer straps were more difficult

  3. Have you tried to make those straps thicker? Just a thought...
    I made a couple of boxes tonight... with a small hole at the bottom to attach things... photos tomorrow... good night! :)

  4. Hello there, found your blog this morning and I can't believe I've not seen it until now! You have some absolutely beautiful work. Looking forward to exploring more of it!