Sunday, 29 January 2012

some things i found on a walk with the dog and a friend

i love finding things, and so much here is discarded, sadly there are small rubbish dumbs everywhere, well sadly for the environment but not for me, when i talk rubbish i is not meaning food, out on a walk with gabi and the new pooch the other day we came across some stuff. This lovely heavily distressed brass plaque advertising cotton and cloth, its embossed and i think the patina on it is made by whitewash

then this toy, which is just lovely, especially this one shot that gives it an anthropomorphic feel, sadly neglected and cute faced.

things really don't get made like this any longer, the props are always plastic nowadays, i'm an expert, having a son who always broke the propellers of the planes he had.

and i've been working on the pouch a bit more, yea pouch not pooch, its kind of inspired by Cappadocia, the idea of it, the history and descriptions i've heard

inside i'm going to put a rolled up scroll on vellum, did some gold leaf on this, something i got from Gabi - that was her grandfathers and i've been playing with on various things with greater and lesser success, this one worked and there is more round the other side, still thinking what to hang from the bottom ring


  1. The patina on the plaque is awesome!
    The pouch is going great... have some gold leaf from my great grand dad somewhere... never got to use it so far but I treasure it... :)

  2. the gold leaf is great fun steph, and yea that patina is cool, don't know how much will stay on it as whitewash is pretty flaky.

    morna, thanks - yea was pretty chuffed with them meself

  3. i hope the vellum is human, i feel them to be much more deserving of having their skin sacrificed for paper making. brilliant nonetheless.