Saturday, 7 January 2012

mind blowing

apart from the extraordinary pain, the three hour wait in the hospital to be manhandled for a rough bandage change that i could have done better myself, i am beginning to get totally freaked out by the inactivity of my hands. its not that 4 fingers on the left hand can't function its the pain after about 2 minutes of doing something that make me go cross eyed.

heres something i'd like to put together, leather brass and tooth, horse tooth. its always struck me as interesting that horses have 64 chromosomes and we have 46 (i could be wrong about the number, but i know they are mirrored) not for nothing we have a long and lustrous history together.
and this is a picture by Balthus that john showed me recently that i really like:

1 comment:

  1. Hope the pain will go soon...
    That necklace project IS mind blowing... I'm going to avoid your shop when it ends up there... ;)
    Not a fan of Balthus but I kind of like this one...
    My clay is out, used the bread stamp yesterday... and the gypse mold... :)