Thursday, 5 January 2012

not a very good day for me

yesterday cutting firewood i managed to chainsaw my finger, it mangled flesh and nail to the bone and totally freaked me out
and it hurts

so this is to cheer me up and stop feeling sorry for myself and moan moan well all that kinda stuff. actually this is the only dali i like


  1. Heal fast! :)
    Love the picture... trying to figure out if it's a photo or a photo-collage...

  2. its a strait oil painting and its tiny, its part of a collection an englishman has, i think its only about 20 cm wide or so, its called white calm

  3. Owwwweeee! *shudder*
    Have great respect for chainsaws danggeroos critters.
    Hope you heal quickly and hope it was a non dominant finger

  4. thank you there greer - thats kind,nso do i hope it heals quick

  5. Ouch! Steph told me you hurt yourself......
    sending healing thoughts to you!!

  6. thank you ms green - thats very kind