Thursday, 1 March 2012

once every 12 years or so

yesterday gabi and i took off up the mountain in search of the snow that was coming down the mountain to meet us, we parked the car near an old monastery above vourliotes and continued on foot, much to perry's delight as he'd spent too much car time already. i also had the holga with me loaded with film, which is a bit of a miracle these days as i'm not much of a multitasker. 
as we're walking higher with cars passing by looking to play in the snow through the comfort of their dashboards, the snow is getting thicker and crisper and the sky is turning darker with that tinge of yellow in the grey that hails more snow and there is not even the hint of a breeze in the air - believe me thats rare on an island. so its starts snowing, lightly - first few tiny feathery flakes that become more insistent as they get bigger. we were beside ourselves with glee.

perry's first encounter

shepherds pen in the distant wilderness that used to be pine forest

this lone dead tree is still standing after 8 years

mountain farmhouse in a vineyard

you can see the snowflakes if you click the image larger.

after all that i came back and actually developed the film, no mean feat trying to keep the water at 20 degrees, first film i've developed for myself in months, underdeveloped the film accidentally by 5 mins, which was probably a stroke of luck as the snow whites didn't get blown out. we had some mighty good fun. i know this is tedious for all you people who get snow every winter but it only happens like this here once every 12 years or so.


  1. "actually developed the film" It took me a moment to realize what you were saying. Wow, I'm impressed. What rare shots indeed. Snow can be delightful when you're unaccustomed to it. My job for many years was "snow removal" and I got mighty sick of it. Enough years have passed now that I can delight in it once again.
    xoxo Kim

  2. kim, thanks nothing to be impressed about really, you dont even need a dark room to do it and i was lucky as i had a friend show me how and she was very good at that, the showing and the developing. the rest the camera teaches you as there is no auto mode :)
    steph, thanks am pleased you do

  3. it has been snowing on and off here. i don`t like it. it amplify`s the contrast outside to the point of causing blindness. wish i could turn it down.

    the english language can have it`s benefits, indeed, in regards to the amount of profound literature that exists, though most works are often english translations. (at least, in my experience)
    my plight with the english language is simply that it is one of the main culprits used for indoctrinating the planet with unnecessary propaganda.

    beautiful photographs though! i have been drooling over the ones on your website.

  4. oh, and no punch after all! i purchased a dust mask, safety glasses, and thick gloves so i may now use a drill without fear of inhaling/touching/blinding myself with flying metal shards. it seems to be working out so far.

  5. my grammar is shit. "inhaling and touching myself"
    i meant to throw an "or" in there somewhere.. i think. no wonder i despise english, i can`t speak it.