Monday, 20 February 2012

pruning vines and making incrementally

been out cutting vines the last 2 days cos the weather has broken and its been sunny and miracle of miracles warm in the sun, making it an altogether agreeable experience. noticed also that after all my Perry walking these last 2 weeks or so i am definitely fitter than when i embarked on this task last year, though the hand hurts a bit today. Below is a shot from last years 'kladema' [pruning] which i took with the holga and am kinda fond of, see all those spindly branches? well they all need the chop

so when you finish at 4 and get back and eat something theres not a lot of energy left, but i'd made these little icon findings, an old destroyed tama wrapped around a miniature wood icon, a couple of cones from the same, so i put together the one earring last night, now i need to make 2 more cones and i can put together the other one.

i did enjoy making the one a lot and am itching to make the other, think i'll be making a few of these, little shrine icons, i like the way influences and environment slip into things almost unconsciously, and i can feel a lot of greek orthodox there.

another thing is john's got a seriously hilarious post over on plastik - that had me in stitches and is well worth a read


  1. these are precious. especially the heavily engraved cones, delicious! your own metalwork?

  2. Love the photo... Hope the weather is not too bad for the work you do...
    The WIP is gorgeous!

    Oh... I gave you an award... more on my blog! :)

  3. Your blogs are such extraordinarily beautiful places to visit, Alek.
    Boy, you're going to be sick to death of getting those awards - another one from me as well!!!

    Petra xxx

    1. petra, cheers, i guess i live in an extraordinarily beautiful place despite whats going on, and it rubs off.