Thursday, 16 February 2012

man am i exhausted

me and the dog, the dog and i have been traipsing all over the hills behind our house, looking into old abandoned farmhouses, climbing through beautifully terraced olive groves, losing paths, finding paths. it really is a walkers island. today i went with gabi and we were saying how many places we had missed by riding horses around the place for so long, foots make it all so much more accessible than 500 kilos on hoof.
well i took the digi and snapped a couple of things, that john very kindly processed for me cos all this traipsing and jewelry making doesn't leave much time for anything else.

then there was the earring frenzy this morning, which was kind of pleasantly intense until i got hyperglycemic


  1. Wow, those are some great earrings! I've been in the mode too along with trying to update my travel album.
    That abandoned place is just the sort of place I like to stumble upon. Your pics are great too.
    In fact I'm just cutting up some metal tile into bits from an abandoned place we found in the desert by our remote property. Still loving the earrings I got from you. They didn't travel with me so they were the first I put on when I got home. I missed them!
    xoxo kim

  2. Your earrings are gorgeous!!! I am also into abandoned places and most of all mills and factories. Aren't they the best???

  3. Great earrings!

    Love the shots you took... Perry is so gorgeous!
    Wish I could explore those places with you... :)

  4. numinosity, thanks for coming by, and glad you are still enjoying the earrings.

    martinis - thank you! and yes they are totally the best

    steph, perry is just the handsomest ever and the best hot water bottle

  5. Thanks Alek so much for following my blog... I am honored. your work is extraordinary ... I am humbled in your presence. Your
    IDE on the island seems so wonderful. I love the idea of the walks on the beach... Around here in southern California, walking isn't that great.. A lot of cars, noise and trash.. I envy your life. See you around f . Devices and keep up the magnificent work... Where do you get all the wonderful components ? Did you travel a lot. looking forward to a long friendship...beatnheart