Tuesday, 7 February 2012

solar flares and lightning

not sure whats going on but we've had endless lightning storms, huge gashes across the sky, house shaking thunder, was wondering if the solar flares had something to do with it. Well its winter and it crawls along with all its anxieties thrown in. i took these shots at the beginning of december or end of november when it was well under way.

i don't sit well with winter, especially when it starts early. perhaps it will end early too. ideally would like to go somewhere hot and dry for most of the duration - dream on. still can't complain too much in view of whats going on in the rest of europe.

the other thing, i've been collecting driftwood and pumice stones on the beach, for making thinks and sharing, was doing it today in the pouring rain cos the dog had to get out, he loved it, and i had a brolly, but it reminded me of something i used to make a fair few years ago, these kind of beach people made from anything i found, little bit of a puppet, lots of fun, they sold like crazy, so i ended up getting sick of it, after that i couldn't see anything anthropomorphic on the beach even if it hit me in the face, but i saw some bits the vaguely inclined their shape to me today,
anyway heres a few of those puppets

the heads i carved out of pumice and the rest was just whatever was around, these ones were about 30cm but i did make a couple that were almost a 100cm.

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  1. Love those puppets... my fav is the last one... they're cool... warmer here today... -6°C ;) ... a package left today for your island... :)