Monday, 19 March 2012

what is it to be colour

"colour is the touch of the eye, music to the deaf, a word out of the darkness. because i have listened to souls whispering - like the susurrus of the wind - from book to book and object to object for tens of thousands of years, allow me to say that my touch resembles the touch of angels. Part of me the serious half, calls out to your vision while the mirthful half soars through the air with your glances.
i am so fortunate to be red! i'm fiery. i'm strong. i know men take notice of me and that i cannot be resisted."

my name is red - orhan pamuk
i like the way he writes about colour, especially red, its such a primal colour, so connected to our creative. i'm always drawn to making things in red, i see john drawn to paint with it. anyway i just like this piece of writing. and isn't the word susurrus just great?

order of merit - kinda looks like a medal

finished this as a choker - quite short


  1. What I find fascinating about these, you can see the thinking mind of the creator behind the exciting mixture!

  2. Gorgeous pieces, I tend to shy away from designing with red. I made some bright red headpins recently, I bet they'd look good with some red yak bone beads.
    I just love your designer touch... you've really got it going on. Just lovely.
    xoxo Kim

  3. What beautiful work, and lovely color!

  4. Alek, "order of merit" rocks the free world.
    Embodies "fiery" and "strong".
    A warrior medal.

    I was unfamiliar with Orhan Pamuk.
    I need to rectify that!

  5. What a gorgeous red. You don't see enough of it these days! It works SO beautifully with the dark bronziness.
    Lovely stuff!