Saturday, 24 March 2012

joan miro flowers

one thing leads to another and generally spring leads to everything, that explosive feeling, all the paths and walks start resembling a jungle of vegetation - kind of miniature and lower by congo standards but its all relative. Samos is very lush - well what isn't sprayed by pesticides, and as i've mentioned i've been walking a lot - and the difference in one week is astonishing, irises and anemones, daisies and late daffodils everywhere, slightly higher and wilder the beginning of wild orchids - tiny little shy cousins of the ones in flower shops.
yup - flamin' flowers everywhere
so its had an influence and this kind of came out of the metal - and reminded me of Miro

which led to these, because i wanted something a little more organic:

and here i want to thank a friend for sending me the copper that i was able to heat and bash and generally play with, it was great fun.

and finally in this vein of the earth renewing i got gabi to take the stitch out of my finger, which she very kindly did and i have to say felt disgusting, but at least now i don't have 2 ends of neon blue nylon where my nail might start again. anyone squeamish should not continue further but i think its looking ok

it looks that colour cos we put iodine on it - looks like nicotine stain :) and she said i need to do some physiotherapy on that first blurred knuckle as it won't straiten out now - from keeping it out of the way all the time


  1. Ouch! But it's looking good--physiotherapy is a good should help with time.

    The work blows me away!

  2. Love the new earrings, I bet they can sing too... ;)

    And yes...ouch... hope the nail will grow back soon...

  3. I love the spirit behind your creations and it helps that you have the skills to back it up.
    These are tremendous.
    xoxo Kim

  4. Love the earrings, specially the second ones.
    I see a new topic for the Fanci Forum - Show us your scars lol.
    Hope the nail starts re-growing

  5. Your work is beautiful!! I'm loving these earrings.

  6. lovely work, alex. be careful with the iodine - may need it for a nuclear fallout. liquor will do for disinfecting.

  7. Oh my - ouch is right! What happened?
    The earrings are wonderful - love what you did with the copper!
    Wish I could see all the iris and anemones on your island...

  8. Wonderful earrings, I love the way the little sprouts or roots are showing up :) They're dancing! Spring in your island must be glorious!! awh and take care of that finger...did your hurt it while playing with copper?

  9. Loving the subtle tones and modernist restraint, so elegant. Really hope your finger heals soon, you should see the state of my palms-I've had psoriasis for 6 months now.

  10. thank you for your comments about my finger - it has actually healed - i chainsawed it a couple of mths ago, but just kept delaying and ... delaying
    taking the stitches out.