Sunday, 4 March 2012

work in progress and it smells like spring

well i had an intense making day today, no interruptions, no other activities, even curtailed my 3 hr walk to a bit of beach combing, don't think perry was too impressed with that but stella loved it, nice and leisurely just how she likes it.
i even managed to get some photos done before i lost the light

2 completed pairs of earrings, i usually make the one and leave the second a few days but no i was on a strait line from a - b. been cutting up and gold leafing some of my old stencils from the tanneries. great textures and colours on them
then i was working on a bracelet, well they is the most difficult for me and i've been fiddling with the bits of leather and metal forever trying to make something work

i love this leather, when you wet it and form it takes on a hue of mahogany, damn near as hard too, so it needs a lot of smoothing and rubbing back and polishing.

yep more of those tin framed icons - mismatched - bright colour

i also finally managed to photo the lovely goodies that steph sent me - real treasures i adore them - every last tiny one 

actually there is more bits and pieces but i'm playing with them already, i gotta get this shooting lovely presents as they arrive thing together, but i cant usually contain myself.
lastly there's a pic of stuff i is fiddling with - that might or might not come to anything but got shot in the mania today

that last one is going to need some work in all those little grooves, the middle one is a pendant and is waiting for me to finish plaiting a 4 string round plait which i'm not good enough at to do while watching tv, so its on hold, thats got very ancient bone suspended in newer bone with copper.
well google is probably going to flip out and leave ya all with a bunch of question marks as its prone to do these last days for me. spell check hell i got to make food before i wither away :)


  1. ...every single photo here is leading to something intrieging...I enjoy seeing what comes from your hand!

  2. Beautiful earrings, like the touch of gold, can't wait to see how the necklace turns out, looks so intriguing

  3. the objects in the last photo are particularly fascinating, i can`t wait for you to reveal it`s completion. it would be a lovely decoration for the collar... and those top earrings are motivating me to try my hand at riveting. beautiful work, alek.

    1. vera, yea i cant wait too, think its the fact that i'm going to have to use a power tool for this one and i've swallowed and breathed so much rust

  4. The leather cuff is fascinating - and I am so in love with those tiny icon charms...

    1. thanks renate - it was a great find that brass

  5. That leather bracelet is a stunner! A great design, simple and efficient! ...and the earrings are splendid and I can't wait to see the project in the last photo completed

  6. Woww you've been busy... love the completed works and the works in progress... that wooden amulet-pendant... gorgeous...
    Busy here ... fighting a nasty cold ...
    Filakia Pola

  7. Alek... Your beautiful words on Fanci's blog are something I am considering framing and reading whenever I get down on myself. Oh so true and really even when we copy we make it our own in someway if not this time than the next. Besides once we do something don't we just want to move on to the next thing.?
    Your work and your photos have a quiet dignity and sophistication. Your life seems so iddilic and charmed. Thank you for being you and being in my life....your are a true inspiration to me in so many ways.

  8. Love especially the bracelet (amazing artisanal work!) and the framed icones...

  9. Beautiful new work. I adore that wooden amulet, and can't wait to see what it turns into. The necklace is clearly going to be a wonder!
    You blog is such a dreamy place to visit!