Wednesday, 6 March 2013

a journey and then loads of work

well i went to montana for a while to see my dad back in january, then i came back and got so stuck in to making i forgot all about blogging, though not about walking the dogs. lucky for them - its that so much accumulates and then it becomes too much to tell. so here is to being lazy in the typing department and throwing in the visuals.
first 3 random shots from montana

and then some work, learning things all the time


  1. i`ve only seen montana from a train. it was great though. abandoned ford t models reduced to a frame, half eaten animal carcasses, and farm houses begging to be squatted.

    love love the cuffs.

  2. Nice to see you got away, and the beautiful things that came from it.

    Your pouches send me to the moon.

  3. Love the way you combine leather with metal! .. and pebbles!

  4. your photos are amazing. your photos of your WORK- there are no words. omg, the way those stones look like ancient tools, like axe heads almost... the cuffs and leather are insane, you're amazing.

  5. Alek:

    Miss you and your wonderful body adornment art on Etsy, etc. I always love your photos. Very much heart felt and poetic!
    Ellen R. Willingham