Wednesday, 27 March 2013

loads of eye candy

a gris gris pouch

saddle stitch bone and stone

'crows feet' tiny pebbles - found crow leg bones, verdigris copper and plait

a beautiful walk on a horrible day

perry the poser - i swear he ran in for this shot and as soon as i 
lowered the phone he came over to see

table top eye candy

macrame pouch with tiny beach stones

a pendant of beach glass cloth and a roman thingy

phylakto - a protective amulet with lovely little rough cut rubies

another one

back of the first one, it warrants a view

this f_ing wind is driving me nuts

my favorite place and one i covet including the pine secluded 
meadows on either side of it. that tower thing is actually a aqueduct 
for a water mill below

more table top

perry always looks out of all the windows and in all the cupboards


kayla at the top of the aqueduct

bone components _ i decided i needed to snort calcium that day

small amulet combo


  1. I love the integrity and quiet, noble, strength in your work. Seriously jealous of your supply stash too.

  2. The "beach glass,coin and Roman thingy" looks luscious and glad to have you blogging again!

  3. I agree with Marcia with the quiet noble and strength!Awesome new pieces!
    Your island looks deserted and mysterious, I love it!

  4. I would like to protest, that shot of your work table isn't big enough! I need close ups. Those carved bones are amazing; also my Dad's name is Perry!

  5. Ok ... So where have I been? Your blog is true artistry... Just love everything about it...amazing photography..your supply table? Can it be real? I mean come on...
    And your work... Speechless really ... So powerful and real and true...

    Cynthia @ Beatnheart