Saturday, 22 December 2012

a visitor and a fantasy

this little number turned up at our back door a couple of nights ago, she must have been dumped rather than feral as once i got her confidence - speedily with a little piece of turkey and a lot of ear rubbing - she was ready to move in. problem is i have 2 dedicated cat chasers in the house. so this one was lucky to find a home with an english couple who have a house in agios konstantinos. 

apart from that john and i have been dreaming about winning the lottery and spending the rest of our lives on a wally yacht 
seriously if ya like boats you gotta check this site -
i'm after this

and johns after something like this - and i gotta say you have to see the interior for this one

ok so all this fantasy shopping has had an effect on me

actually i've been making boats for years, but big ones wall mounted out of salvaged materials from the tanneries and round about, the biggest was 2mx2m and you could play with the rigging on most of them, hoist the sails etc. after that big one i swore the next one i made would be sea worthy, still thats about as close as i get to a wally yacht. these are little pendants by the way about 7cm.
then theres more work which is just as much fun

well i hope everyone has a joyous one, a festive one and a clean fresh start after the end of the world. love and best wishes


  1. The Wally life looks like a heavenly dream.
    Beautiful cat !! .....and the jewelry is quite nice too.
    Much joy and more sweet dreams.

  2. I love the leather cuff. It's divine. I would have trouble turning a cat away, what a face!!! Those wally yachts sure look pretty darn nice, but I have to tell you, I got to keep on land...Merry Christmas! :) x

  3. That cat gets to me--he is noble in his unkemptness...

    Beautiful work, and I like your arm. :-)

  4. ok that cat is too gorgeous, but your pieces are AMAZING. how do you connect the 'mast' to the base rock thing?
    oh im so glad you found that adorable little guy a home. he looks like he just fell out of a chimney.