Friday, 14 December 2012

details and symmetry

i was at the tanneries again, unfortunately they have now been taken over by paintballers, which sort of confirms my suspicion that the university's purchase of so many of these building was never with the intent to fix and convert, but to just let them collapse and cash in on the real estate... well these are just my thoughts. though it would be a real shame if these grand old stone structures just vanished from the karlovassi landscape.
anyway as always i find some thing perhaps more about the details than the overall space. though its always been so much about the light. several dead things a dog that looked like he was sleeping. a rabbit skin that must have always been there but i never noticed before.

then there is some stuff i've been making


  1. Wonderful pictures, every time I visit your blog it's a travel in a unique world with its own atmosphere, I love it!

  2. I love the photos-full of muted color and wonderful textures. Your handmade pieces are just a fabulous.

  3. beautiful mysterious atmospheric photographs.

  4. Love these pieces, esecially the leather cuffs. Simple but so beautiful.

  5. Poor dog :(
    I truly hope they won't let this buildings to fall down. If they are the ones that I think of, I believe they should survive as part of the town history.