Friday, 22 June 2012

minutiae and tiny little shifts in vibration

ok so i got a thing about sewing at the moment and its giving me an eye for detail, i mean the detail in the title, the little shifts of vibration - these little anomalies that minutely change your direction [or stitch]  that you do not notice until you find yourself sailing north west when you thought you was sailing in to the rising sun. and a friend reminds me of a project, one of the many i want to do that fall by the wayside, and i wonder if somewhere there might not be a secret stash of time that i could discover and would i use it wisely besides. and that aside i wish a little confidence for this poor lost soul staring at nothing across the water. 
i hope you all passed a wonderful summer solstice - especially you kim up the near the north pole, its all downhill from here.


  1. Your work is eatting my heart out--just love staring at it...

    Kim, up near the North Pole! Lucky to be near the midnight sun.

    Love your thoughts and honesty on the creative life...

  2. Oh thanks! Yes and we really did have our first nice and hot day today too yesterday.

    These piece... these photos.... these words. You've done it again, alek
    Inspired... calmed ...and excited my eyes all at the same time.
    The colors and simplicity and raw elegance of the fabric piece really speaks to me.
    Is that you wearing it?

    By the way, I found your earrings up here stashed away in a pouch in my carry-on bag. I was sooo happy to have discovered then along with a few other of my favorites and I didn't have to wait until November to wear them again.

  3. For me, the first neck piece...really something. Like a poem made still, to be taken in one gulp.
    I always look forward to seeing whatever you are making. Best to you, alek lindus.

  4. What summer! Permanently grey here in the UK. Coming over here to soak up your warmth and peace, love the touch of pink in the last necklace, they is an amazing zen quality to your work

  5. I see glimpes of colours and smiles and it is nice..
    Love the pendant with the 2 'coins' and the bracelet...
    as always.. :-))

  6. PS. Good vibrations!

  7. Blogger cheated me out of seening this post... grrr....
    Your work is breathing, as always. That first necklace particularly.
    Are things going slowly with Akela? Sending much love for all of you...

  8. Hi Alek:

    I wanted to share my thoughts on your wonderful art and your blog! I have (as you know) bought many of your art jewelry pieces and love every one of them! I am an artist too and I sure do appreciate your talent! You're the best!
    Ellen R. Willingham
    S.F. Bay Area