Monday, 11 June 2012

finished gris gris and akela

they both are gris gris for me

also check out johns post on the wonderful and talented miss fox


  1. Your work is always amazing, Alek!
    And what a sweet doggie! :)
    Thank you for asking about the earthquake in Rhodes... yes, it was pretty strong and scary! But no damage as far as I know, thankfully! The good thing was the centre was below the sea, otherwise it would have caused serious damage -- it was 5.9 to 6.1 magnitude!!!

  2. The combination of materials is mesmerizing...I particularly love that spot of blue with the darkness of the bag and the textured silver. A real work of art!

  3. ...I checked out John's site, too...great photos.

  4. Wonderful work, Alek. The (leather) grisgris is fantastic - your work always has such a special quality...
    Nice to meet Akela - she is the frightened wolf you mentioned, I guess? How is Perry getting along with her?

  5. Akela is beautiful and so is the bag. I love your work. Gris gris with mojo.