Friday, 8 June 2012

gris gris

i first came across this word from beatrice, who has told me several words like wabi swabi, thats another great one - yes i know there is wikipedia - but sometimes sounds without meaning is ok and then just asking someone is kinda cool too - i mean after all you can't have a conversation with wikipedia. anyway, i think gris gris is my favorite. and i've linked it for those ignoramuses like me.
so this is the beginning of gris gris, its a little sewn up cushion with various protective things inside, some lavender too, then its wrapped in old suitcase leather and sewn up with kangaroo lace, i finished it later in the day, but i didn't get a good pic of it, so will post that or maybe just list it complete, tomorrow morning.

on another note, i developed a film a week ago that i'd shot in sweden, in the old town at 7 am, because after that its too full of tourists to shoot anything but crowds, as i was walking around in blissful solitude, with just the odd local picking up their breakfast loaf, i came across these 2 window displays.

the second one despite being not as effective as the first, is worth taking a closer look at.

i also want to thank you for your comments, they are really very much appreciated, i just haven't got time to comment myself so much, or reply to them. 


  1. Taking a closer look at the second window made me laugh out loud!
    Your grisgris is magnificent - the suitcase leather giving it the look of being an antique piece. Definitely very wabi sabi. Love it!

  2. Love your grigri! It's a common word in french, we use it for favorite jewelry that is supposed to gives one confidence