Tuesday, 18 June 2013

heat and composition

there always seems such little time in the world - umm i mean ... well whatever, ongoing complaint i guess, despite the longer hours of daylight, the total lack of tourism on the island. so i have been making lots of stuff - and that is always gratifying.

these are based on scapulars, a charm to protect you from the front and back. the base is a very old copper pot, cleaned to reveal time texture, then fused silver and finally fused gold, then its oxidized and the gold comes through.

scrap strap mania

more scapular - these are silver fused on copper roman glass beads and pebbles.


roman glass and silver

geometry - silver and pebbles

scrap strap and plaits with no ends 

silver and pebbles
Not sure why this posted 2x but me and blogger have compatability issues :) 

o and my shop link, as i removed the widget while the shop is on holiday


  1. Your scapulars are so elegant and deceptively simple. I adore them. I kept seeing all sorts of images in them, then realized you had fused metals which has me very intrigued! Roman glass is beautiful, do you find it or buy it?

  2. Love those scapulars! and the pebble and silver earrings are amazing, pebbles seem to levitate...

  3. SO nice to see more of what you do, Alek. Its all beautiful, but the fat braided leather brought me up short...wow.

    No tourists on the island? My little island stateside is also having a much quieter summer so far than the local merchants like to see. Must say I am rather enjoying it.

    Cheers to you, your work is such a pleasure.

  4. absolutely amazing..... :) the pebbles tugged at my heart strings...

  5. ...archaic elegance, understated and minimalized to maximum effect.
    Beautiful work! I love the scapulars, and the earrings, the bracelets...