Wednesday, 22 May 2013

images to fill the void

i tried this earlier on my phone, but the image quality was so bad i deleted it - now it will probably just put the images all on as it wants, i do wish apple and google would resolve their issues.

some charms

kangaroo leather charm bracelets, had fun making the silver and copper stoppers

morning fog

some necklaces made with copper components and silver and tourmaline

beach stones - roman glass and silver

john's haystack

venus and scrap strap stack

beach stones, brass and copper


byzantine cup coins with tourmaline

looks like august but there is lots of weed killer being put about this year

macrame beach stones tin an brass

amulet pouch - tooth - horse hair and silver melted into textured copper

icon charm

thats all folks, my etsy shop is on holiday til the 1st of july 
i will try and blog more regularly 
would have been easier if i could have done it on the phone, o well


  1. Everything is so beautiful! I especially like the brass/copper/beach stones earrings. Such a unique design.

  2. Always a pleasure to look into your blog. I so enjoy your view through the lens and your work development. Gorgeous stuff with a spare-bone beauty!

  3. Lovely all round. Your blogs are always a pleasure and your work... inspiring.

  4. the shapes! the drama! loveliness....

  5. Your work is so wonderful. I looked for a link to your shop, but can't find it.
    I'd love to visit it.