Tuesday, 17 April 2012

orthodox easter

strangely it seemed to almost not happen, perhaps the weather, which was nice on sunday but has been pretty blustery since the last full moon. still my mum made her easter eggs, using some of the eggs from john's little silkies. i just love how these eggs come out, she dies them by slow boiling them in onion skins and water where she has drizzled some oil. slow means barely simmering overnight, and when you take some eggs out you put some more in. the whites of the eggs inside are a kind of purple colour and they take a flavour from the onion skins. i wanted to try doing something like this to cloth.

and just before easter i got a beautiful package in a swop i did with kim rogers over at numinosity, these are a few of the things, that lampwork on the rusty metal is really something in real life. i love it.

then there is a beach shot i took last autumn, that i kinda like, this is just outside where my mother and her partner have a restaurant. the fisherman is a regular feature. its the geometrics again, thats coming up in some of the jewelry i'm making.

hasselblad - ilford delta 400

i've been moving half my work bench up to the summer shop we have in a very beautiful mountain village - which is why i have had very little time for blogging or anything really. its also pretty confusing at the beginning with what i have where.

and finally some work in progress, the earrings i already listed and they sold which was sweet. the pendant is along similar lines. a kind of simpler geometry is what i'm after with these. i love the fossilized bone i got from treasurehider, the piece of ivory - which i believe is off cuts from piano keys - steph from vladthebatsattic sent me to try some scrimshaw on but i liked its white smoothness too much - so maybe with another piece

the 2 bracelets are using techniques that fanciful devices has devised and shown on her blog and now has as downloadable pdf tutorials that i've heard are very good and selling like hot cakes. she is a real whirlwind of creativity and ingenuity.
and thats all folks - kinda counteracts the image hiatus thing, and is like 3 posts together cos i just dont have time these days to sneeze.


  1. Your work and your studio are absolutely stunning. I look at your work often for inspiration, and keep some pictures of your work and now your studio) in my inspiration file. And those eggs! My Mother and I used to dye eggs with onion skins together, but never got that beautiful dark red. They are gorgeous!
    xoxo Juliette

  2. Every picture here is a work of art. I need you as my personal photographer.
    Thanks for the mention.
    Your summer shop is a delight to see. Makes me want to make a visit to your fair isle.
    What artistry in your life, incredible.
    xoxo Kim

  3. I just love your sense of aesthetic - those earrings - sigh - and that pendant - gorgeous!!! exclamation mark! The ivory is just beautiful...
    you already know that I think your shop is incredible.

  4. ...when you don't have time to sneeze, these good things seem to happen. Those eggs--I bet they taste like gold, and your work--meltingly beautiful. Wish I were on your island, too. :-)

  5. Beautiful work, love the detailing on your bracelets, totally love your shop!

  6. I just discovered your shop and your blog, and I LOVE your work!!!!!
    I just did a feature with an artist based in Lesvos, and you may well be the next! :)
    Filakia from a Greek island lover! :)


  7. ...and I love your workshop. The light is wonderful...

  8. This summer shop is so cosy and inviting! It must be great to work in such a room! Your work leaves me speechless...these earrings!!!!... and that metal cuff!! I love them!

  9. The quiet mystery of your work is captivating. Hope you are all settled in your summer studio soon. It's wonderful!

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  11. (spelling mistakes on the anterior post..)

    beautiful work bench, beautiful jewelry, beautiful store, web photo, everything.You are very special in what you do!