Saturday, 21 April 2012

gardening and things

today on my walk, i passed by a water tank that is a pretty large reservoir for watering gardens around it, the tank was half empty and from quite a way up the hill, acoustically projected was the gleeful sound of frogs fucking - the dog was beside himself as he could not see over the wall of the reservoir where or what was making this tremendous noise.
spring, the smell after rain of the pine trees, the wind dropping to a gentle stillness and... warmth.
johns been out doing his vegetable garden, things are starting to grow and besides that he cut the jungle that was out the back of the house, where finally after all the years of being here the trees have turned it into a secluded shady place.

so not only is it the most beautiful time of year to be out, but i also received not one but two terrific packages. the first is from beatrice and is a glorious blaze of colour and ethic materials, actually theres lots more but i'm infatuated with that density and hum of colour

the second is yet another bundle of surprises from steph, whose gorgeous ceramic beads always come with so many other goodies, but this box was megalo!

then the things i've been working on - the earrings have already sold, which is very nice, again its working with some stuff from treasurehider, and the other pair is a new way i have of suspending the beach stones, which i'll be playing with more - it kind of keeps their shape cleaner than drilling a hole through - i was also really pleased with the photo of the second pair

and this pendant which i'll maybe list tomorrow, its an artists pendant [no shit sherlock] and has been hanging around in pieces for ever, getting longer and shorter umming and ahhing about itself til it finally bit the bullit. the ceramic wizards cappy look alike thingy comes from an olive grove that at one time must have been a place where they made water urns and is now a rubbish dump of ceramic bits and parts. its gold leafed underneath. the 3 brushes are used calligraphy and water colour brushes and its all been sealed. the rope is a 4 string [hemp] round plait thats been painted and rubbed like you would a rawhide braid and wax sealed, its actually soft and supple now


  1. Alek! Absolutely beautiful, all of it. I love the artist's pendant so much. xo Juliette

  2. I love the earrings with the pebbles and the way they are suspended, it's metaphysical!!!
    And I so wish warmth was there too! Frogs fucking!? What kind of noise do they make?

  3. Those earrings with the pebbles went fast--and I can see why, they are fantastic!

  4. Your stash is growing in leaps and bounds ;) which makes me happy, because it means there will be no end to the wonders you will share with us. That necklace is magnificent - breathtakingly so.
    Your back garden looks so inviting - and the scent of Mediterranean pines, oh my...

  5. Extremely beautiful work. I love your eye. Simple perfection.

  6. Absolutely wonderful treasures! And your work is amazing!!!

  7. Really beautiful (the jewelry's beautiful I mean - the frogs fucking, that just made me laugh quite a lot, although could be construed as beautiful I guess, in its own way). Kate