Sunday, 25 December 2011

macrame baskets

now i've seen a few of these on etsy and theres one girl - new tribe textiles in particular who makes killer baskets and does some lovely original stuff with macrame. the only thing is i'm not very fond of the nylon thread, ok its indestructible and the ends can be burnt and there is some lovely colours too, but it don't feel so good on my eye, so i decided to make one from hemp that i waxed afterwards, the wax needs a bit of work...

and i need to finish the string, there is a stone and a wooden bead inside and it is about 5cm long. its also got half an antique indian bead on the bottom


  1. It looks a bit like an amphora... it's lovely..
    You waxed the hemp after weaving it?
    What wax did you use? Got some beeswax pellets here... could send you some if you need any...
    And like you said about my amulet... "I can see you making it now..." ;)

  2. got tons of bees wax here, bee heaven, my felting friend gabi's got some so i get super good quality from her, though the one i used is vintage from the cobbler who i got the thread from.