Monday, 19 December 2011

last couple of weeks

ive been very lucky cos i have a friend in belgium who has sent me a wonderful stash of stuff :) steph you are a trooper, and i am super grateful that i have so many new toys to play with. i should do them more justice but i've been having computer to blogger problems of late and its a bit disheartening having a freeze every time you upload a pic.
also been working on a pouch for the protection of people working with their hands:

i want to make a series of these, based on shamanistic pouches, indian medicine bags etc, the hand is an old vintage silver 'tama' a greek equivalent of a milagro, and is placed on icons of appropriate saints for various healing and protecting purposes. the leather is salvaged from an old suitcase i found and stripped of whatever was strippable. and the strap is felted wool, that another friend gave me a lesson on a coupla weeks back, now that was a laugh, thanks gabi


  1. It's always fun to have additions to your stash isn't it. I usually steers me in a new direction too.
    xoxo Kim

  2. yea it does, though I think I get a bit covetous with things just as things to begin with ;)

  3. I'm covetous with this pouch you're making... may I put an option on it?

  4. This is so amazing! I can't believe all the treasures hiding in the world that need to be exhumed and worn.