Saturday, 17 November 2012

publications and a day on the beach

i've got some poetry coming out in a series of anthologies with other writers from Elimae magazine. my work is in the first anthology - Triple no1 - with fiction by Brandon Hobson and a Graphic Novella by Cooper Renner. Really very happy about this. Ravenna Press is an independent book publisher - support these people please.
Indian summer hanging in here like no ones business as Perry and i ramble barefoot on the beach on the south side of the island. love winters over that way - not that winter means anything as yet here - no rain to speak of, cold is a forgotten sentiment - who knows what winter even feels like these days... ooops thats asking for trouble. well heres some images - needless to say stone mania on that beach.

late autumn swimming

facing west

missing friends

a tiny boat through the weeping tree

facing east and asia minor

beautiful pebbles


  1. Your images are to die for. Will wander over to that site--exciting to be published!

  2. What a gorgeous peaceful place captured so perfectly in your amazing photos. Love the variety of colors in those pebbles. Congrats on the publication of your poems.

  3. Your work so nicely reflects the serenity of your surroundings.
    Beautiful photos. And lucky lucky happy dog.

  4. I miss all that ... I am glad for the publication of your poems

  5. Your pictures are amazing, is that bliss? and I so wish to find that kind of pebbles here!!!
    Congrats for the publication of your poems!

  6. Alek, congrats for the publication! That's wonderful :))))))) <3

    God I miss those kind of trees from the picture....

  7. those pictures are amazing! and those beach finds are so much fun to look at :)