Sunday, 19 August 2012

time flies and

adventures in the forest with a holga lens for the digi camera

a pebble man - fun! to make

bitten by a horse fly - declaring war on them and an alliance with wasps who hunt them

planet pebbles from kefalonia

what i wear


  1. Love what you wear!
    Pebble man is cute!
    Awww your poor hand... chainsaw..horsefly... what a year it has been... hope the wasps catch them nasty horseflies...

    Filakia Pola to you! :)

  2. There's a cinematic quality to your post that is like diving into a cool lake that pulls you out...lovely.

    I hope your hand heals quickly.

    Your pebble man is fantastic!

  3. Poor hand!

    Love pebble man....

  4. Oh my - I too was thinking your hand has had a bad year - hope you heal quickly. The horse flies have been numerous here too...
    Your forest photographs are wonderful.
    And I want to reach out and touch the pieces you are wearing, to study them more closely.

  5. Sympathies for your hand, my youngest daughter once swelled up like a puffer fish after an insect bite, truly scary.
    Love your hound dog, he looks very noble

  6. Your pebble man made me smile - I hate horseflies too but wasps are a problem here as they tend to kill off the native insects. I am coveting the pieces you wear - your work is always absolutely beautiful.

  7. LOVE the pebble man!!!...:))