Monday, 7 May 2012

images and scarce words

if google works.... here is something else from my mystery [only in the sense of forgotten] undeveloped films, this first one is more recent, a film i finished this last week

from last summer, when i did the shoot of preparing the loom lines

march, pruning vines up in the mountains, still snow on the peaks

a bit of work in progress

love that garnet ;)
scrap metal bracelet

the camera likes focusing on the white background for some reason

actually none of it is WIP, its all finished and the last ones i really like they make me smile and are already listed


  1. ...ah, the loom--that is a lot of work...

    Lovely earrings and bracelet. Your work reminds me of the Byzantine with something very sculptural, almost modern art...

  2. ...I mean very modern art. Stunning!

  3. Your photography is awesome - something about b/w film... stunning.
    Love the bracelet! All of your work makes me smile...:)

  4. Oh, to wade in that water.... Lucky dog.
    The pair with green accents do seem to have a life of their own.
    Rather musical.